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All mugs of Caroline Attia

Design by Caroline Attia Caroline Attia
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Boulogne billancourt

Mug New York

New York - 9.90 €

Be a part of it! New York, New York!

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Mug  London

London - 9.90 €

"A cup of Tea my Dear?" A London mug to do not neglect the traditional 5'o clock tea !

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Mug Hollywood

Hollywood - 9.90 €

Adding a dose of Hollywood glamour to your morning coffee !

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Mug Rome

Rome - 9.90 €

Born to be wild in Rome ! A short trip by Vespa in the mystical city of Rome designed for those who want fun to enjoy there...

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Mug Paris

Paris - 9.90 €

A Paris mug to enjoy your morning coffee!

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Mug Tokyo

Tokyo - 9.90 €

What's better than a Tokyo mug to enjoy your Sencha or Hojicha tea! Maccha Tea ?

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Mug I love dog

I love dog - 9.90 €

This is a perfect Mug for all dog lovers and all those who love to hate them!

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