Mugs Green

Mug A green deer

A green deer

Mug A green anteater

A green anteater

Mug Cupcake


A very nice Cup Cake Mug!

Mug The bird

The bird

Estelle Rattier presents us a beautiful cup representing a pretty little bird. The illustration is fine and the colors soft. Very nice mugs!

Mug Sweet Hip-O

Sweet Hip-O

Sweet Hip-O is green. Sweet Hip-O is round. Sweet Hip-O let slip anything that is not funky. Sweet Hip-O is the master of glasses of water where no one drowns.

Mug Doggy and the spider

Doggy and the spider

Doggy likes to walk free. Doggy is a little mischievous dog. He is as playful and curious as naive. He likes to indulge in playing with his surroundings.This time? A pretty little spider. And tomorrow ?

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More than 400 cups are in the collection of Les Éditions Mugs Design. Stroll through our shop and let yourself be surprised by the creative worlds of our illustrators.

Mug The little Charlotte 3

The little Charlotte 3

Mug Boar


King Lothar arrives at the castle of Gruyere.

Mug Hide and seek Lizard

Hide and seek Lizard

A Lizard That Thinks It's A Chameleon. A Lizard which changes its colour like a chameleon has been discovered. And it works!

Mug Deerforest


A deer has antlers on his head ... really? then Let's stroll in the woods !

Mug Stem tiger

Stem tiger

Carnivorous Plants: Plants that eat Meat. Like a tiger. A tiger on a stem.

Mug Brass Knots

Brass Knots

An original design of delicately hand sketched trumpets intertwining to create a beautiful flowing pattern.

Most popular mugs

Mug Little Red Riding Hood and the...

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Mug Hexagon Patchwork

Hexagon Patchwork

Mug The little fox

The little fox

The Fox's mug is ideal for all children.

Mug The lion

The lion

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