Mugs Pink

Mug A curious fox

A curious fox

Mug A pink fox

A pink fox

Mug The hens

The hens

Mug Cupcake


A very nice Cup Cake Mug!

Mug Camille on his boat

Camille on his boat

A little girl is sailing on her boat.

Mug Farm animals

Farm animals

Mathis draws a fresco of farm animals. A little pig, a cow, a cat and a dog dance.

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Mug The Peacock Spring

The Peacock Spring

The cock crows in the morning to wake up the sun.The peafowl display the wheel at the end of winter to awaken the spring

Mug Prayer


Mug The eye

The eye

Mug Sweet Toro

Sweet Toro

Sweet Toro is pink. Sweet toro is ready to fight all dark thoughts.

Mug Doggy and the Pink butterflies

Doggy and the Pink butterflies

Doggy is a little mischievous dog. Doggy likes to walk free. He is as playful and curious as naive. He likes to indulge in playing with his surroundings.This time ? a duo twirling butterflies. And tomorrow ?

Mug Doggy and cherry

Doggy and cherry

Doggy is as naive as curious and playful. It likes to walk free. Doggy is a little facetious dog. He likes to indulge in playing with his surroundings.Today ? a flight of cherry petals. And tomorrow ?

Most popular mugs

Mug Dachshund breakfast

Dachshund breakfast

A pretty Dachshund dog!

Mug A green anteater

A green anteater

Mug A blue sheep

A blue sheep

Mug A mushy Pooh

A mushy Pooh

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